What Do You Listen To?

When I first started running, I listened to music. Mostly angry, scream-o music. I was also a much angrier person back then, so maybe that had something to do with it. But the thought of running without any kind of music was just baffling.

I still listen to music on my runs, although sometimes it’s much happier music. Sometimes I don’t listen to anything at all (not often though). Lately, I’ve spent most of my runs listening to podcasts.

I started listening to podcasts back when we were living in Dallas and I was taking my dog on long walks all over the city (Serial, anyone?). While I enjoy all the podcasts I listen to, most of them just aren’t great for running.

After years of following her blog, I finally started listening to her podcasts. Ali Feller of Ali on the Run is a runner, blogger, writer, and lover of dogs. I always loved reading her blog posts, and now I love listening to her podcasts on my runs.

She interviews other runners who have accomplished some incredible PRs and have some really cool jobs, and she also gives tips for running, as well as sneak peaks into her life. I can say for the first time since I started running in college, I actually smile on my runs when I’m listening to her podcast. Sometimes, I even laugh/cough.

Most of her podcasts are on the longer side, so they’re perfect for long runs. Currently, I’m sticking with much shorter runs as I ease myself back into this, so I start the episode on my run and then listen to the rest while I stretch and get ready for work.

It has quickly become one of my favorite ways to start the days and it’s a great alternative to angry music.

What do you listen to on your runs? Do you like music or are you more into podcasts or audiobooks? Let me know—and if you have any other podcast recommendations, I’d love to hear them!

As always, thanks for reading!



Author: Amanda

Writer. Editor. Runner.

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