How Do You Fuel?

Today’s question: How do you fuel for your runs? What do you eat before and/or after your runs?

I’m most curious about what you eat for breakfast if you run in the morning. Do you eat before or after your run in the morning–or both? I’m even more interested in your answer if you have food allergies like me.

I’m on day 19 of my run streak, and almost all my runs have been in the morning before work (usually between 6:15 and 6:30 a.m.). I’m having a hard time figuring out what to eat.

Unfortunately, I have several food allergies, which makes traditional breakfasts more difficult, including: pork (so no bacon or pork sausage) and egg whites. Last week I made a couple sweet potatoes and ate them with some turkey sausage and fruit.

That seemed to work pretty well, as it kept me full long after my run. I know I’ll inevitably get bored with that–even if I’m making small changes like eating different fruits.

I’ve been known to eat salads and other non-breakfast foods for breakfast, but I do enjoy having a meal that feels more like “breakfast”. I used to love savory breakfast meals like sausage and eggs or an omelette. Now that those aren’t an option, I seem to crave them even more.

I do eat turkey and chicken sausage regularly, but I found out the hard way that a couple chicken sausage links just aren’t enough to hold me over until lunch.

So tell me: What do you eat before and after your runs? Any breakfast recipes you’re willing to share?


Author: Amanda

Writer. Editor. Runner.

2 thoughts on “How Do You Fuel?”

  1. I’m big on non breakfast foods for brekkie as well, I eat veggies at every mea, including in the AM. What I eat before I run is really dependent on how far I am going. On the weekdays if I’m going to the gym to lift/ short run between 3-5 miles I usually just hydrate (acv/lemon water) and then lift of empty. Then right before I hop on the treadmill I have a banana and/or bone broth or coconut water for some fuel. Long runs on the weekend are a different story! But I rely more on hydration, salt tabs, and gels than actual food–a little easier on the stomach! Then I eat a TON of real food after 😋.

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    1. Yeah I’ve found I need to get at least a little something in my stomach before a run, so I usually try to eat a banana or something like that. Then I eat a full meal after.

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